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Blogging Mistakes I Made as a Begginner

Hello there! Welcome to a new blog post!

Blogging has become an excellent tool for content creators, influencers, entrepreneurs and pretty much all kind of business has taken advantage of it.

With a blog you can grow traffic and build a reputation online, for that reason they’re investing their time and money in writing and promoting them.

Sometimes, when you are new to blogging chances are that you will make a couple of mistakes in the process of launching a new blog and keep it running. Just when people start a new job, they usually mess things up at the beginning.

Today I will share with you some mistakes I used to make at the beginning of blogging.

- Not Defining Your Target Audience.

This was one of my first common mistakes. The target audience for any kind of business is the group of people who are most likely to be interested in your offerings because it fulfills their specific needs.

It’s essential to know relevant and specific details about your audience then with that information you can make a successful blog strategy that appeals to your audience and helps you stand out in the search engine ranks.

- Blogging Inconsistently.

Don’t Stop Writing!!! This is a common mistake, if your blog drives a good chunk of traffic to your site, it’s never a good idea to pause content creation. One of the biggest reasons people visit your blog is because of the fresh content they get to read on your site. If you put a pause on that your audience could lost interest in it.

Sometimes when we get unmotivated we tend to stop posting, for that it’s ESSENTIAL to have a posting schedule!!

- Deviating from the Target Niche.

While we try to write new blog posts its very common to deviate from our niche! to cover a wide range of topics to appeal to a mass audience. The problem is that we don’t know what the audience wants to read or whether your audience will like what you write.

No matter if you are an individual blogger or a business blogger, you should target a specific niche to blog about. This will help you reach out to the right audience for your business, also, your engagement rate and grows on your blog will increase and It will be easier for you to create your authority as a blogger on that specific niche.

- Publishing Short Content Frequently.

As I mention before the consistency is the KEY in blogging successfully, also its important to create content that span the topic you are writing about, its recommended to all bloggers to focus on creating long-form content of 2,000 words or more to answer as many questions as possible on a given topic instead of writing short content of 1,000 words or below every day.

- Have No Blogging Goals.

At the beginning its important to set minor goals to help you stay motivate, focus and consistent! No matter if you are a part – time blogger you should be setting short time goals.

Ask yourself where do you want to see your blog grow in the next three months? When you’ve goals, you create a clearer picture and it makes it easy for you to prepare an action plan!

-Focusing Too Much on SEO.

If you want to improve your online visibility content, however you shouldn’t be prioritizing SEO over user experience. The first step in writing SEO content is to drive a keyword research.

It will help you find the terms or phrases that can be added to your content to enhance its online visibility.

- Not Using Google Analytics.

This tend to happen to every new blogger. Why is so important to check out our statistics? When you know your audience demographics, high peak times, page views and more, you can improve your blogging strategy!

For this you can use a tool called “google analytics” It helps to figure out the best-performing pages, and how you can improve those pages and it also determines what pages are slowing your site.

- NOT Having a Mail List.

Email marketing is enormous! Though social media is fast and this is where the message circulates easily but emails are still effective.

If you have a blog and you want to turn it into a business in future, then having an email list is crucially important, also is a great way of interacting with your audience!!

- NOT Using a Social Share Button.

If you’re missing this step you’re already losing readers, it’s so important your audience can share easily your content to other platforms. It’s easy to use a plugin, and activate it on your website. Some free options are social pug, warfare, Sumo me.

- NOT being authentic.

The competition online is HUGE! Almost every niche is crowded, you need to show yourself a genuine person to build a following.

Your readers want a trusted person to share their experiences, so start creating unique content, content that you actually like and stop copying others! just get inspired and transform your own ideas!

- NOT Promoting Blog Content.

Promoting your content is so important to increase its reach. You must promote your blog posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to increase your content visibility.

As you see there are a lot of mistakes we tend to do as we start blogging!

We all have been there! The best thing is to identify such blogging mistakes and grow faster. I hope this tips help you avoid this kind of mistakes!

What other tips have you made while starting blogging?

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