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Influencer Platforms - Work with Brands

ready to start MAKING MONEY this year as a CONTENT CREATOR?

  • Last year, in 2021, I got paid $1000 from a brand just for an in-feed post+stories

  • I got paid $750 from another brand just for 6 months rights of an image

  • I also got a 6 months partnership with a brand that gave me over $700 to post in stories

I’m a micro influencer with under 20,000 followers and I am able to do this as my side job while working full time

If you are thinking of starting in social media or you've just started, here is the answer on


Do YOU want to know THE SECRET? Influencer platforms

I know the money is not the main idea when creating content, but we have to pay the bills right? I have created a full list of over 40 webpages/apps you can use to work with brands.

These influencer marketing platforms are one way how brands try to find instagram influencers without doing the hard work. With these you are able to connect with brands,, negotiate rates, and see which are the campaigns the brands are focusing at a time

I have always talked about how easy it is to work with brands through the different platforms that are out there and because I want you to start earning money NOW!! I have added a 30% discount to my ebook

In this ebook you will find a list of 40 influencers marketplaces as well as apps I have used to work with brands. Besides this incredible list you will find a list of different situations you might find when emailing with brands and templates to use on each.

This ebook is great for anyone in the social media industry, it does not matter how many followers you have right now!

Gift this to yourself and start making money with your platforms now,

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