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How to Make Pinterest Pins go VIRAL?

drive traffic to your blog with these tips!

Hello there! Welcome to a new blog post.

As we know Pinterest is one of the major traffic sources for bloggers! Because of that is so important to create pinnable images that are aesthetically pleasing.

If you are not getting viral pins or any traffic from Pinterest, then you need to work on the Pins you are creating.

But first what is a "viral pin"?

A pin that has become incredibly popular in hours or days by being shared by most Internet users.

How can I make my pin go viral?

There are certain things you can do to greatly increase your chances that your pin goes viral, and today I'm going to show you the tips that have helped me increased my viral pins and blogger traffic.

1. Use pin-worthy image.

Pinterest is all about images! It is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas and more.

So, there is a big impact on Images because it helps people to decide your pin is worth clicking or not.

When deciding on the image to use, you want to ensure it makes sense for Pinterest, here are 2 tips to create catchy images for Pinterest:

You should be creating vertical tall images instead of horizontal pics.

Long vertical images usually perform the best because it takes up more space in the Pinterest feed. The sizes of your Pinterest Pin are so important. If you don't have the right size, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Pinterest has always said the perfect pin ratio is 2:3. So never use square images. They are not aesthetically pleasing and Pinterest will less likely show your pin as they don't like square images.

Good Quality Image.

The appealing of the images is everything. Stay away from blurry photos. Always go for high-resolution, eye-catching photos. You can either take your photos or use stock photos.

There are a lot of free stocks photos you can use, the problem is because is free it's used a lot by many people meaning your image would be repeated, you can also use the sites of stock photos that are paid, they tend to perform better because Pinterest sometimes gets saturated with all the same images.

You can get really good paid stock photos using Shutterstock and Deposit photos.

2. Use catchy Pins titles:

This is very important if you want to get a lot of traffic on your social media with a viral pin, the first thing you can do before picking a title is to think If you want to click any pin, ask yourself, why would you click it? ."Eyeball-Grabbing Titles Are Everything" If your blog titles are thump, it will get less traffic even if the blog content is outstanding. Even if your content is not that great but has a title that stands out, blog views are more consistent.

Also, go bold!!! As your scrolling through Pinterest, you might become most drawn to pins with bolder text. The bolder the text the easier it is to read. The pins that get re-pinned the most on Pinterest are the ones with bold text. Go big and go bold.

3. Use Keywords.

They would be your best ally if you want to make sure the right people find your content. You must use words that fit into your niche, and by now you must be wondering how can I find Keywords? Well, the easiest way is to search for "blogging" on Pinterest and it would give you suggested terms, and these terms are your keywords.

4. Use hashtags.

Using hashtags is one of the best ways to tell Pinterest which categories are related to your pins. Once you put a hashtag on a description of a new pin, users can click on that and find other pins for those who tagged on the same hashtag.

It also worked with the Pinterest search so that if someone typed the hashtag #Blogging and all of the related pins about Blogging came up with the search result. Simply, put your most important facts on description first, and never overuse hashtags.

5. Keep Repining

I recommend pinning your post to multiple boards and group boards that are associated with the pin. "Pinterest Group Boards are the best way to increase your reach, repines, and clicks.

All you need to do is, find group boards related to your niche and ask to join". Also If you want a viral pin you have to re-pin your image more than once. There is no limit on how much your re-pin. Just make sure you don't do it too much, or you could lose followers.

6. Use a good Pin description.

You need to tell the platform what your pin is actually about. Meaning, you have to specify in the pin itself that your pin is about a certain topic for this you need to write a good catchy description!

7. Mind your popular pins.

"Popular pins hold some past success points with themselves" So Pinterest might favor those over new pins as they have proven to be high quality before.

To know which pins are popular, go to your WordPress statistics or google analytics and search for your top referrer, in the Pinterest area, see the top pins that bring you more traffic and repine those pins to other group boards.

8. Colors are important.

Some colors are known to be pinned more than others. People are drawn to certain colors, so create pins with bright and warm colors. Don't use dark colors.

You want your pin to pop and stand out to people as they scroll through Pinterest.

9. Ask your followers to Pin it!

A call to action to "pin me for later!" has been proven to help increase your engagement. A lot of them will be more than happy to share. Especially if they enjoy your post and content and thought it offered them valuable information.

Also when creating your blog, you want to make sure you install a "social share plugin" this will help your readers to easily share your blog post to their social platform of choice.

All they have to do is click the share button and they can easily promote your blog. So make sure you add at least one pinnable image to your blog post. This way your readers can easily share it to Pinterest.

By now you must be wondering,

How exactly do I know if My Pin went viral?

You can check your analytics using Pinterest Analytics & Google Analytics, there you can check your high impressions your saves, and high clicks.

So, which one means I went viral?

All three work together. "Pinterest runs on a smart feed, so they will display your content to multiple people (impressions) and based on if they liked your content (saves) and/or loved your content (clicks) Pinterest will know if they need to show your content to even more pinners (more impressions)"

As you can see, getting a viral pin is not an easy task, you need to look into a lot of aspects to get it right, and not every time it is in your control.

But a few things that I mentioned above are enough to make your pins more popular.

I hope you found these tips useful, and let me know if you have other tips that could work for pins to go viral!!

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