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Winter Photoshoot Ideas - At Home Holiday Photos

Are you ready to create Christmas and winter-themed Instagram posts! Need some winter photoshoot ideas?

Santa, snow, hot chocolate, Christmas trees, cozy blankets, stockings, ornaments and much more these holidays

I’ve compiled a my favorite photos to give you winter photoshoot ideas for the ultimate inspiration!

You’ll find winter photoshoot ideas for couples, winter photoshoot ideas for friends, and winter photoshoot ideas for yourself throughout this list!

1. Hang Ornaments on a Tree

Here are a bunch of great at-home winter photoshoot ideas!

The temperatures are dropping and the Christmas lights are coming out. Taking photos by the tree is one of the easiest ideas, so put your Holiday pj's on and start taking photos. If you celebrate Christmas, Christmas ornaments are always fun to pose with. Christmas ornaments come in all shapes and sizes.

2. Toast in Front of the Tree

I god this cute cup from Dollar Tree as well as some marshmallows. Hot cocoa by the tree is always a good idea

Any mugs with marshmallows or hot chocolate to keep with the winter theme, and cheers to the season! Nothing like a cup of hot chocolate make sure to bring your favourite mug and soak in the sweetness.

3. Gift Wrapping Paper and Holiday Decor

Get your goods before wrapping the papers and take some photos, I found a great green wall and got some of the decor and the wrapping paper to take some photos

4. Play Around with Christmas Lights

the trick is to set some lights close to the camera/phone and move them to create this type of shoots. Set yourself in from of the tree with lights on to add more depth

5. Looking at Photos by the Christmas Tree

Having a memory book works as well, I had these printed photos and I threw them to the air and shoot the photos

6. Wrapping Paper Wall Decor

I wrapped the wall decor with christmas holiday wrapping paper, with this I had a christmas background in the living room besides by christmas tree

7. Cozy up to the Fireplace

I got some of the decor as well as a hot cocoa cup and sat by the fireplace for this photos

8. Holiday Winter Scarves

Scarves are an easy prop to pose with during the fall and winter season because you’re probably already wearing a scarf.

One photography tip for scarves is to throw them towards the camera for a fun action shot. It adds movement to your frame and it’s different than just standing there posing with a scarf on

9. Christmas Stocking

I got these blank ones at Target, they are supposed to be for DIY but I loved the clean look of them. Get yours and shoot with it, having it around as a bag, or showing it up as the photo makes a cute shoot

You can also find having designated spots for stockings. You can also capture the kids hanging their stockings out for santa.

10. Huge Decor Bow as a Top

My feed is full of snowy content, so I think this shot was a hit since it is a little different than the usual! I got this one at Dollar Tree and it was really fun to add it to the 'outfit' and have a dance in front of the tree while taking photos

11. Christmas Themed Earrings and Jewelry

Take some portraits and make them more holiday looking just by adding some jewelry themed items, I got these from Target but I have seen some in Amazon as well

12. Decorate Christmas Cookies with Partner

13. Mirror by the Christmas Tree

I placed the mirror by the tree and shoot from the top to showcase the reflection as well! I added a couple ornaments and this was how it turned out

14. Holiday Themed Headband

I got these at Dollar Tree and I think this is such a good idea ever for family photos, find a cute background and you are ready to take some photos!

16. Holiday Themed Decor Banner

Use part of your decor as prop, I got this banner from Dollar Tree and it was a great piece of decor in my front door but I decided to use it as a prop by the tree

17. Wrapping Gift Bow in Face/Hair

Place some on you and be the best gift to give these holidays, such a funny and different idea, I got these from the wrapping section and set them on my hair using the sticky part directly into the hair

18. Christmas Queen/King with Crown

I got this party crown at the party section in Dollar Tree, I found it to be such a different and unique idea and loved it alongside the red dress

19. Dancing by the Christmas Tree

I took these from the window, I got by white dress on a dances while the cameras was taking photos. This photo from far away was one of the favorites in the ig

20. Party Items Red

I loved these, it were the best for the holidays right after Christmas once the New Year party was coming in

21. Glasses and Christmas Lights

I set myself up close to the Christmas tree and posed so the lights would reflect into the glasses

Planning photos for this Christmas can be stressful, and with this list as a starting point, you’ll have plenty of inspiration.

Leave a comment if this post helped you find ideas for these holiday photos

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