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Take Better Instagram Photos Of Yourself

Instagram may be harder lately, but in the end, your photos are what matter the most.

If you don't have a photographer or an 'Insta Husband' to take your photos.. 

These tips are for YOU!

I will be talking about a camera, tripod, self-timer, and ideas. Let’s get into this!

Tips To Take Better Instagram Photos Of Yourself
Tips To Take Better Instagram Photos Of Yourself

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My IG Account - The Truth

I do have someone who takes my photos, but that's NOW.  Because I have been taking photos myself for over four years.

And all my photos at home... I take them myself.

All the photos you see of me in my' office', on my sofa and all the creative ones are all shot by ME! 

Since I got started on Social Media, I've been doing self-portraits, and let me tell you, and you will end up loving it! So let's start talking bout the equipment part. 

The Equipment Your Should Get 

First, my camera. 

If you don't have a fancy camera, do not wait for it to start! The cameras that come from phones these days are excellent. And they keep getting better and better.

So your iPhone or any phone with a good camera will work.

But if you want to know, I use my new Sony Alpha 7III camera to shoot most of my photos. But some of them are taken on my phone.

If you are thinking of investing in a camera without spending a ton of money, my first camera was a Sony Alpha 6000, and I still use it from time to time. Having a high-quality camera can make all the difference in making your IG photos look better. 

Even if you are using your phone or have a camera, a tripod will always be a must. 

Even for photos taken at home!

I love my tripos because when it closes, it can find in any bag and is the best for travel photos.  I use it at home much more, because that's where I take the photos myself. I love moving it the angles and high; I need it for different ideas and pictures. This is the one I have!

This will make taking photos so so much easier. So cameras have their app that you connect to the phone, and you get to use your phone as a controller.

When I took my photos with my phone, I had a shutter controller not to have to come back to my phone after each picture. This is the one I have; it works for iPhone and Samsung as well.

4. Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

This is a new acquisition, but it has made my life so much more comfortable.

If you edit on your iPhone or your iPad, you can use this adapter to choose and upload the photos directly to the camera to Lightroom.

As I say, you may not need it, but it will make your life easier.

Tips To Take Better Instagram Photos Of Yourself
Tips To Take Better Instagram Photos Of Yourself

5. Editing Apps

I made a whole blog post about having an aesthetic feed so check it out if you want to learn more.

But one app I believe is a must is Lightroom! There are a ton more like Tezza, PicsArt, Meitu, Photoshoot, and many more.

Start with Lightroom, download it and try out the free version first and see how it goes!

6. Ideas and Poses

Use Pinterest when thinking of new ideas; there are many photos for you to get inspiration from.

I also follow a ton of people who post creative photos on social media, so I save it to my folders on Instagram when I see something I like. I even created a board on Pinterest with ideas for photos.

When looking at the photos, pay attention to the model's poses and try to recreate them, so you don't have the same type of shoots on your Social Media.

7. Take vertical pictures

On Instagram, you can upload vertical images, horizontal images, or square images. 

But if your image is vertical, it will cover more space on the "home" of your followers, so your image will take more time to be seen while scrolling than a horizontal image. This will also make it easier to get your whole body in the image. So trust me on this one.

Tips To Take Better Instagram Photos Of Yourself
Tips To Take Better Instagram Photos Of Yourself

And that's it! 

Now it's time to get to work on writing your captions, choosing your hashtags, and growing your Instagram account. If you're interested in learning more about Instagram, check out my lasts posts!

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