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Plan Your Instagram Feed

If there is one thing that attracts followers, that is having an aesthetic looking profile.

Are you like me and have been overwhelmed by all of the beautiful profiles all over Instagram? With no idea how to make your profile look good and have consistent content.

You would love your photos but not know how to arrange them or what to post next. Being constant is the key to success on Instagram, so not posting for days can hurt your growth. 

How To Plan Your Instagram Feed
How To Plan Your Instagram Feed

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You don’t need to have a perfect feed but you still need to have a brand and be recognizable if you want to stand out. Also, you don’t need to post every day. If you post only twice a week, but at the same time and on the same days, your audience will remember you.

Define your goals and niche

The first thing when planning your feed is choosing a topic. Posting a little bit of everything will confuse your followers. You need to define the “why” behind your posts. Think about what you are offering on each of your posts. 

Examples of this are: create an engaged community, find new clients for your services, bringing your followers to your website, and increase your sales.

Define your content plan

Things to keep in mind when preparing your posts. Make sure that each post gives at least one of these information. 

- Inspire your followers and connects with them.

- Promote your business and things you are selling.

- Share a story that relates to your followers. 

- Educate, teach and talk about things you know that your followers might be interested in.

How To Plan Your Instagram Feed
How To Plan Your Instagram Feed

Choose a Color Palette - Lightroom Presets

If you have no idea of what your personal brand’s colors could be, just search for color palettes on Pinterest, and you will find a lot of inspiration.

Clothes are the main thing when choosing a palette, this is something most people don’t realize but if you wear different colors on your photos, no filter will make it seem cohesive. I am not saying to only use one color but try to use colors that complement each other and that will do the trick itself. 

Not only clothes matter when choosing your palette, keep in mind your backgrounds and objects you choose to post about. And after you master that, editing is only to make your feed even more cohesive with saturation and details.  

After you decide your brand colors, you can choose a preset, or even create your own. They can make your photos look amazing if you have a good shot, to begin with.

I created my packages, you can find them here. But if you just want to start trying out one.

Sign up here to receive a FREE PRESET

My presets work for both mobile and desktop but if you are serious about starting on social media I would recommend investing in the desktop version of Lightroom.  

Just keep in mind that a preset can look completely different on your photos, compared to the sample, if you don’t choose the right colors and palette.

Shoot For a Week In a Day

No matter which type of content you are producing, I suggest creating all of the content for the week (or even for the month if you want) on the same day. That includes planning and shooting everything. 

Once you spent a few hours creating a lot of content, you know that you are good to go, and you don’t need to spend more time on this task and you have time for all the other things that are required in your blog / social media channel.

Create Both Graphics and Photos

Graphics work for both Pinterest and stories, so making them will let you use one thing for both purposes. 

On Pinterest graphics will alert people to go check out your page because you have posted about the content your pin is showing about and on Stories, graphics will make people click on your profile or your web link to check the content.

Photos can be used on graphics as well, but for me, photos are mostly to be used in a blog post or social media, and a good photo united with an amazing caption will make your profile the most interesting and useful it can be.

Plan Your Feed

For Instagram I use an app called UNUM, BUT I do not sign in on Instagram on this app because Instagram has been paying attention to everyone that signs in on apps.

So I just add the last 6 photos I posted on my feed already and the next 6 I will be posing next. So I can re-arrange them to make it look more cohesive.

For Pinterest, I love using Tailwind, this is an amazing website to schedule your posts, and the first 100 are free, you can sign up here. I would recommend paying the subscription if you have a site or blog to send readers from Pinterest to. 

On Tailwind you can create a smart schedule, where they study the best times for your niche and followers to post and make a schedule with that information. Usually, I post about 15 pins per day, between my own and the information I find important from other accounts. 

Keep in mind that Auto-Publishing works only with business accounts if you have a creator or personal account you will receive a notification when it’s time to post, and you’ll do it yourself.

How To Plan Your Instagram Feed
How To Plan Your Instagram Feed

And that's it! One day a week of shooting, one day of creating captions, and setting up Tailwind will let you more time for creating more products and engaging with your audience to increase your followers

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