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Plan a Romantic Picnic - Valentine's Day Date Idea

Valentine’s is close so here is my favorite idea for a date, a PICNIC.

Since every year everything is packed during Valentine's Day with my partner we have started going out and doing picnics, it can be at the park or even at the beach.

We started with plastic boxes and towels and slowly we have gotten blankets, coolers and baskets to bring to out picnics. I will link the things we use at the end of this post!

The Essentials

  • Large picnic blanket - this is important to make sure you are comfortable, if you don’t have any just make sure to bring a couple towels and place them together.

I have seen so many cute colors and prints, but one think I recommend is to use one that is waterproof. You can buy them from Amazon or even Target.

  • Cooler bags and Ice - this is important t for me since I like my wine cold, we have a small bag that in insulated and works like a cooler.

We love ours because it is big enough for the two of us but there are a ton of different prices and sizes so make sure to check around, ours is from Amazon

  • Cups, plates and napkins - its sounds obvious but believe me, I have forgotten this and it is not fun to clean it all in the sea

I usually buy disposable ones that do not need to be cleaned, I usually buy the cheap ones at Target but I found these cute ones online

  • Food and drinks - I love taking wine in can like the one I showed last year from @stella and for food it can vary from a cheese table to a pizza

  • Cheese Table - if you love cheese and charcuterie, I would say to go to Costco/Sams to get all you need and create your own cheese table right at the beach

In Sams/Costco you can find even cheese tables done but I have never tried them, we usually buy cheese, jam, jelly and fruits all in the same place

  • Water - I know it does sound like the most fun thing to bring but you might need it after that much cheese

  • Entertainment - we usually take playing cards and we can spend hours and hours playing and eating the food

Here are my favorites for picnic dates:

Now, are you ready for a picnic? Whats your favorite beach food?

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