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Are you NOT Growing On Instagram ? How To Fix It

Have you seen everyone around you grow and grow on followers but you are stuck on the same number for ages?

That was me! I totally get it, believe me!

With some many people on the same platform making sure your are found and you have something different to bring to your followers is not as easy as it was months ago

But I am here to show you my tips to make change and get out of that stuck zone you have been!

PD. The blog posts contain affiliate links. These don’t cost you anything extra, but they allow us to continue running this site and providing free content for our readers. Full disclosure here.

1. Your Biography

There are two main places that you should check right now

Your @username, which is the one people will tag you from, make it your name or a name that relates to your nice, if you want to learn how to name your profile check out this blog post

Your name, is the one that shows in bold, make sure you add your first name or nickname + niche.

This way, you double the opportunity to be found by either your name or what is it you do, some people also write their city here.

2. Your Description

It is the space to connect with your audience and let them know how you help them.

The best way to write the description is to be very clear about who your target audience is and identify what they want, so that the message is super targeted using words with which they identify.

- In one sentence explain what is it you talk about in your profile, what's that thing people will find there

- Add your location, your email and if you have any #hashtag on constant use

- Place a sentence that will make people click on your link, such a 'Click here to find your free ebook' or 'click here to find the newest Amazon Deals'

Think to yourself, what is it you give to your followers on your posts? What is it you usually talk about in your stories? 

If you have trouble knowing what to write on your bio and your name, feel free to fill up this information so it can give you more clarity on your niche and theme.

3. Profile Photo

Try to keep it consistent; make it a close up photo of you better if you are wearing the colors you usually use on your feed photos.

Use the same photos on all your social media platforms, because it case someone saw, let's say, your Youtube video and are on Instagram to look for you, they know which one is the real one by looking at the profile photo.

4. Visual Strategy

Make it seem seamless by planning before posting. I have a whole blog post on how to plan your feed to make it as aesthetic as possible; check it out.

But using apps like UNUM to plan your photos and see how they will look next to each other before posting them is what you need to do.

Your last nine photos are the most important because usually when people get to your profile, those are the ones they will see before deciding if they want to follow you or not. Try to keep your posts always cohesive between them and only post things you are genuinely proud of.

5. Color Blocking

Try to keep using the same filter when editing your photos to make them look so much smoother side by side.

If you don't have a preset just yet, please check out the one I have in my shop

Those are the ones I use on my profile every single day.

And the same thing with clothes, try to keep your clothes in the same colors. 

As we may not notice but clothes take a considerable part of our photos and our feed, so choosing the same tones of colors for your clothes will make a huge difference in your feed.

Follow all these steps and let me know how that changes your increase in followers!

Leave me a comment with your IG handle and I will check it and DM your if I see any possible changes

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