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Grow Your Instagram and Understand Your Insights

Instagram is a great place for people to promote their work, grow a following, and draw people to their online portfolio or store. Yet, to completely benefit from Instagram, you have to figure out how to utilize Instagram insights.

Data as, the quantity of profile and Instagram stories views, likes, and follows you get will help you understand your audience and how your posts perform. To help you in understanding better I created a Instagram Planner where you have a checklist of things to do before posting and things to take into account after posting

Instagram has some built-in analytics tools that are good for getting started but I totally prefer the manual way for my day to day insights. To help you tell which posts generated the most engagement over the course of a month I will show you a couple of my own numbers.

At the end of the month, I will go back and check which were my top 5 performing posts.

What was I talking about in those posts, what was the subject of the photo and of course if it is a giveaway which is well know to be one of the posts with higher engagement because most of the times on the rules it is asked to comments and tag other people.

Here are 4 of my top posts, I don't include the giveaways for the reasons listed above but because I know they work I will be sorting another giveaway this month

By looking at the numbers you can see what is it that people have..

-Send the most so it means it is shareable content, this type of content will bring you new people without you having to pay for exposure of having to relay on hashtags.

-Saved the most, it besides showing you that the content you are creating is valuable for people to save it and see it in the future help the Instagram's algorithm to know it is valuable content and needs to be shared with more people.



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