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Day Trip at Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch

Location - 24266 National Trails Hwy, Oro Grande, CA 92368

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch was created by one man and it is an unique piece of art for others to enjoy. This collection of steel poles with bottles stuck on them is super fun to walk through and even better to photograph.

Make it a for sure stop on your drive, or even an adventure in and of itself. Unfortunately, Elmer passed away in June 2019, but the art is still on display to see from the road.

It feels like a forest of bottle trees and it is located along Route 66. It is the perfect spot to stop by when going to Las Vegas. It is in the heart of the California desert.

As I walked in the entrance, it was hard to figure out what to focus on as there was so much going on, but it is places like this that you need to spend a reasonable amount of time just exploring to get the full experience.

Elmer's was the creator of this place and he had a donation box for you to help him with his art and if you donated you can take a small piece of glass as a souvenir.


  • Open sunrise to sunset

  • Located right on Route 66

  • Elmer accepts donations, but it is free to enter

It is a fun place to explore, and there is a lot of photo ideas you can create here, I will be showing you a couple of mine right below.

If you need more stops on this stretch of Route 66, make sure to check out my post coming up, and my other day trip ideas from Los Angeles

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