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Create and Use Instagram Highlights

An aesthetic Instagram Feed is what is going to keep people from leaving your feed before actually paying attention to what you have to say.

Stories are the most authentic part of everyones feeds lately, and highlights are an incredible way to save important moments you captured on stories for future reference.

People usually use them to save stories from trips, before and afters of presets, information about courses, links to shop hauls and much more.

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And without highlights covers your highlights can make your feed less aesthetic.

So here I will how you how to create and use highlights

In case you don't have your brands colors, which we will use in the future, start by going to

Click either "Start the generator!" until you find a palette that resembles your profile or click on "Explore trending palettes" to check their trending palettes and write down the colors.

We will use them when creating the highlights.

or you can also search 'color palette' on Pinterest and go over all the pins, make sure to always look for the name of the color which usually starts with a '#' and includes letter and numbers.

It is important to mainly use your brand colors and this is a way to be know for, your color would become a part of your brand as well as the type of letter your use or even the type of emojis you use while answering comments.

1. Open Canva, if you don't have an account, sing up for Canva here, it is free but you can pay the premium for more objects and edits but for this we can use the free version.

Using the beach bar in the middle of the page,search "Instagram Story Highlight Cover", this even comes with the perfect size for stories.

After clicking ENTER, you will see a ton of choices, choose the ones that may look best for your profile, but keep in mind that we can arrange the colors and objects later

2. Most of the choices will come with more than one page, make sure they are free so you can use them all.

You can always duplicate a page and change the object in case you need more than 6 highlights, which I do, and start with the fun edits.

I like searching on Elements and adding a circle so I know how big I need to make the objects in order for them to fit well as a cover.

- Click on the left on Elements.

- Search for Shapes.

-Add the circle on the middle touching both sides.

- If you want a specific object go back to Elements, and on the search bar type the name of it and add it to the middle.

After adding all the objects, start changing the color of things and background so it fits with your brand colors. You can even change some of the colors in the objects so make sure to check it out as well.

If you are happy of how they look click on the top right on download and download them on PNG which is the subjected File type and make sure 'All pages' is selected on the Select pages part.

Click download and you will see it as a new folder on your downloads then don't forget to send them to your phone so you can change the cover of your highlights.

How to Set you Highlight Covers

Make sure you got them on your phone photos and go to your profile on instagram and make sure to have highlights already, it not click on '+' and choose stories that would go together and add a Title.

- Click on the highlight that you will edit first

- Click on the bottom on the 3 dots '...'

- Click on Edit Highlight

- Click on Edit Cover

- Choose one of the Covers we just made and it should be centered already with the circle, if not you can arrange it there

- Change name if needed

And that's it! This is how your new highlights should look like on your profile, this is just another step to have that incredible feed we want.

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