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City Guide: Cocoa Beach in South Florida

Hello!! Welcome back, I finally found the time to take all my old pictures and start posting them here, lets see how much time it takes me to catch up.

This was a year ago, May 2018. My mom came for about three weeks, one of those weeks she stayed in Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach is a surfer city, on the east coast of Florida and about 4-5 hours away from Miami.

What I loved the most about this city was how chill it was, I felt somehow as if I was in California, everyone would be in their beachwear and just walking to every place they needed to.

Let me say that the beach was like 10-15 feet away from out hotel so that was also a plus. I you are looking for a close to Miami, cheap, beach bound, Cocoa Beach might be the place you are looking for.

Besides my one year later story, please wish me good luck on catching up.

See you,

Fabiely Simonelli

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