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Choose a Successful Blog Name - In 5 Minutes

Welcome! Welcome! From the start of even starting your blog, I’m so happy you found this!

Choosing your blog name can be difficult, more if you are looking for something catchy 

Do you name it after yourself? 

Should you use a play on words? 

What if your idea is already taken?

Choose a Successful Blog Name
Choose a Successful Blog Name

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At this moment, we find ourselves looking for anything to use as an excuse to delay the start, and choosing the right name becomes one of the biggest excuses, right? I can see why looking for the perfect name can be stressful and something that will delay the start of your course. 

BUT, the name will not be the one thing attracting new people, that would be your content and topics, so no, the name of your blog is not as important as we all think.

Trust me, I’d know what you are thinking!

Before I launched this blog I had the same problem on choosing my Instagram handle. I kept changing it, gladly I did not have to pay for the domains on all the names I liked. Your problem may be the same, you have too many ideas or in the country you don’t have any idea of how to call your blog, so start by this:

Create a list of potential blog names

And try them in your mind and see which one keeps sticking in your head and check to see if it is taken. If it is not, that is the best moment to purchase the domain!

Choose a Successful Blog Name
Choose a Successful Blog Name

And lets start with the list of things to find the name to you blog

1. Know Your Niche

Unless you’re planning on giving your blog your first and last name , which is exactly what I did, you’ll most of the time need to give your blog a name that can somehow relate to your blogging topic.

So lets say it is going to be a Mom Blog, Happy Simple Mom is a good name, as it shows the topic you will find about in her blog. If you don’t know what you want to blog about, then you’ll struggle to pick a name. 

That’s why step one is to choose your niche. This not only will help you with your name, but it would make easier for your future customers / readers to find you.

2. Plan Future Ideas

Try to keep the name true to yourself, let’s say I am not vegan but because this is what is on trend I call my blog ‘A Vegan In California’

I will mostly post vegan places to visit, and vegan ideas. But in reality those are not the places where I usually would go. So keep it real, try that your name shows who you are and what you are doing in your blog.

Ask yourself. 

What is it you love talking about? 

What is it that people close to you ask you about?

Can I see myself blogging about this topic for 3-5 years?

Am I leaving room for growth with my niche?

If you can write your plan easily then you are likely confident in your niche and topic. 

3. Make a List, Write down EVERY IDEA

-Use a pen and paper and start to write every name that comes to mind. Ask friends and family for ideas.

-Now that you know your niche and you have an idea of your blogging future, you are ready to think of names.   

-List synonyms of your topic and words that relate to it. 

-Search phrases related to your topic and write them down.

-Create new phrases with your previous words and new phrases.

-Add filler words and erase anything that doesn’t go in with your topic.

4. Check Availability 

Essencial rule, use ‘’ when choosing your domain. Besides the fact that most of the webpage on the internet ends with .com.

The main reason why you should find a domain that ends with ‘.com’ is that it is the most trusted extension and 99.9% of internet users are used to type “.com” as the final extension. Avoid numbers or hyphens, and too long of a name.

Short and cool blog names are almost impossible to find available, for these reasons many bloggers are choosing longer names.  Domain names with 2 or 3 words are fine. But try to keep them short and not get to 5 - 6 words as it will be hard for your users to remember it

5. Open your New Blog

Buy your domain and start your blog, you have now one excuse less. 

If you were not able to get a name, ask people around for more ideas and do polls on your social media, you never know who will have the idea that’s going to give you your name.

If you still need help, here is a tool to help you find a name. Check this domain name generator to give you even more ideas! I’d love to know what you decided to call your awesome new blog. 

Send me an email letting me know:

Choose a Successful Blog Name
Choose a Successful Blog Name

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