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Brand Partnership Contract Lookout


Something that will come up quite often is contracts when working directly with brands. I make this list to give you an idea of things to need to make are you look at.

I know this is the boring part of working with brands but make sure to READ THE WHOLE DOCUMENT.

note - If you don't want to bother much with brand contracts, the best option is to work with brands in platforms and apps. Here is my ebook with a list of over 40 platforms to work with brands as well as email templates for emails with brands

This to look for -

EXCLUSIVITY - With this clause you agree to not work with any of the brands direct competitors for an amount of time. Make sure to ask about this when negotiating rates with a brand. And don't forget to increase your rates when this is in there. Take into account how many other partnerships you would have to say 'no' during this time because of the clause

USAGE RIGHTS - Check to see if says that the brand is allowed to use the content on certain platforms for a certain amount of time. Again, this is something that you should adjust your rates accordingly.

PAYMENT TERMS - You will see things like "payment upon net 30 or net 60." This means how many business days after your work is submitted that you will get paid. Don't hesitate to ask for shorter terms if they are offering a net 60 or net 90.

CONTENT ASKED - I have had brands add stories and photos to the final contract that were not detailed in our previous conversations. Make sure that what they are asking for and what you have in the contract alights with the price you are charging for

TIMELINE TO APPROVAL - Some brands will give you more than enough time to get the content ready to be approved and posted but one thing I have noticed and mostly during the holidays are brands asking for quick turnaround of photos and videos to be checked and approved. This is something you can add on top of you rate for since you are changing your schedule to fit them it in time

Do brands want you to send them the contract?

Fill this form to get an example contract

Here are some of the typical sections you may choose to include in your own influencer contract:

1. Standard agreement terms that you're entering into a contract between the advertiser and the influencer.

2. Timelines of the campaign. Is this a contract for a one-off campaign, or a long-term relationship between the influencer and the advertising brand?

3. Deliverables. What precisely is the influencer expected to do as part of this contract?

4. Any approval process that the advertising firm expects the influencer to follow.

5. Confidentiality and Exclusivity. The advertiser might want to ensure that the influencer doesn't work directly for their competition.

6. Compensation. There are many ways that a brand can pay an influencer, from giving them free product, to paying an agreed flat rate, to making performance-based cash payouts.

7. Payment Terms. How exactly is payment going to be made? When are invoices going to be sent?

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