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Everyday Blogging Schedule - Generate Money

If you are looking for a little daily order in your blogging life, these schedule tips will help you stay focused and generate money, this is the right place for you!

I will you show my day to day schedule to keep a balanced life between business and family/friend time. So go grab a coffee and keep reading!

PD. The blog posts contain affiliate links. These don’t cost you anything extra, but they allow us to continue running this site and providing free content for our readers. Full disclosure here.

Lets start from the beginning… What are they ways bloggers make money?

That is a question you should ask yourself. How do you want to generate money with your blogs?

The answer to this is important because it is what is going to help you get your schedule the way it has to be, always keeping in mind your revenue goals


Google Ads, Affiliate Links and Selling your own stuff. So, what are you going to focus on?

Once you know what revenue streams you’re going to focus on, you’ll have a better idea of what needs to be done on a daily basis to reach your goals! And now let me show you mine.


Promoting and selling other people’s products and services in affiliate marketing and sponsored work. 

Creating and selling my own products and services like my presets, templates and courses


Your daily routine might look a little different than mine, but no matter where you’re at, there are a few important things that every blogger needs to do on a regular basis to make good money here.

Here are some of the big ones:

1. Research, write and edit to produce quality content to your audience

2. Create blog graphics for marketing and Pinterest pins

3. Grow your social media accounts, blog traffic, and email list while engaging with your audience in these platforms

4. Regular administrative tasks for website and business

I’m going to break down each of these important blogging tasks right now, and then I’ll share my blogging schedule with you!

Bloggers Tip to a consistent schedule to help you generate money
Bloggers Tip to a consistent schedule to help you generate money

1. Research, write and edit to produce quality content to your audience



-  Blog topic research, keyword research, and audience interest research.

- Which affiliate programs to join, or research the best companies to pitch for your next sponsored post. 


- Take time everyday to have something done, so when editing before posting you have a big chunk done. 

- I usually sit down with my laptop, and always have the final goal which is to give you information I know is helpful

- The more you write the more content you have to share on your blog as well as your social media platforms and emails. 


- Make sure you go back and read the whole post as well as check that it is optimized for search engines.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to post everyday, it is best to have quality and quantity of content. 

You want people coming back because they found it useful not getting them here and then leaving because it is not helpful at all. If you’re trying to build a money-making blog, then you absolutely must focus on writing for your readers. You need to create content that is valuable and relevant to them.

2. Create blog graphics for marketing and Pinterest Pins

We are visual people, so images and graphics are the way to go to show your post.

You N E E D to create visuals for your blog if you want to stand out, get your point across, and make money from your blog.

People getting to your blog = more potential clients = more income

I personally use Canva, because it is easy to use the same kind of templates and they are saved for the future.

If you want to download Free Editable Canva templates, sign up here to get them on your email.

- Visual should have consistent colors, fonts and backgrounds.

- This would make people recognize all your pins and relate them to you and your blog.

- Have more than one pin per post, different pins attract different people, change little things on each so if a person is not attracted to one, there is a possibility other will pop up.

- Always include the specific URL, you want them getting to the specific blog post not to the main page of your website

3. Grow your social media accounts, blog traffic, and email list while engaging with your audience.

- Most of us, are only focused on the blog but the more you expand your blog on social media they more opportunity to find more people you get.

- If you want to grow and make money from your blog, your daily blogging schedule should include a ton of genuine engagement with your audience, on social media and on your blog.

Engage with your audience in by:

- Answer all comments on your blog + social media channels with a thoughtful, personalized response.

- Do polls. End each blog post with a simple call-to-action. 

- Join Facebook communities where your target market spends time. Answer their questions and offer them tips. 

- Use hashtags to search out your potential audience on Instagram and engage with them on their account.

- Comment on the blogs and social posts of the leaders in your industry. 

4. Regular administrative tasks for website and business

Every business requires the administrative side, so the usual ones are:

- Email and conference calls

- Content organizations and planning

- Management and organization of files

- Customer complains 

- Schedule posts / pints

- Pitching / Responding sponsored work

- Sending invoices to clients

- Cleaning up unsubscribes/inactive on email list

It seems like a lot, but with a schedule this go faster than you’ll think

Tip! Focus on what generates first, then in socialize and then administrative work

- Money-making tasks first. This includes taking care of anyone and anything that contributes to your blogging income.

- Social media work, optimizing your content, and expanding community.

- Administrative work, this keeps your business flowing.

Bloggers Tip to a consistent schedule to help you generate money
Bloggers Tip to a consistent schedule to help you generate money


Monday - Friday - MORNINGS

If you’re earning (or plan to earn) from sponsored work, then pitching to brands, joining influencer networks, and creating a media kit should be towards the top of your list.

- Waking up to answering email and pitching future collaborations.

- Responding to messages on all social platforms.

- Scheduling posts by dates, both paid and unpaid content.

- Research new post ideas, shoot photos for Instagram

Monday - Friday - AFTERNOON

- Create graphics and design pin images.

-Write and editing blog posts or other money-making content.

- Do administrative work.

- Tailwind pin scheduling. 

Monday - Friday - EVENING

- Social media posts.

- Stories and behind the scenes.

- Polls and talk with new people / possible customers.

That is it, not everyday is the same but I try to keep myself as organized as possible.

If you’re creating a new product or working on a launch, schedule may change so try to get most of your content on auto-pilot, so you get to work less.


Place your phone away, keep not important notifications off. Don’t get sucked into scrolling, responding to messages from people that don’t pay your bills, or watching dance videos that are not teaching you anything

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