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Affiliate Marketing Networks You Need To Join

Fewer efforts, better payouts!

Hi there! Welcome to a new blog post.

Today I'll be showing you one of the easiest ways to earn passive income by joining affiliate networks and marketing programs. If you're a blogger, online business owner, or content creator this might interest you!

WHAT is Affiliate Marketing?

Well, is one of the best and easiest way to make money while blogging, by promoting products and services for other companies using a unique link, then when someone purchases the service or product you're promoting you will get a cut from de sale.

This is a good way to optimize your time and earn passive income while you sleep, or work on another project!

HOW does it work?

Write about a product or service that you want to share with your audience in a compelling way or that shows why you recommend it. And if someone purchases it, you'll gain a percentage of the sale, the amount will depend on which affiliate program you're using.

There are two main types of affiliate marketing opportunities.

  1. Affiliate programs: These are offered by an individual company or product/ service creator.

  2. Affiliate networks: These are third-party companies that work with multiple companies that have affiliate programs.

HOW and WHERE do I find which affiliate programs to join?

Find affiliate programs that match your brand and your audience and make a list of reputable affiliate programs that offer a good commission.

Once you sign up, you will be given a unique affiliate link. Once you share it with your audience it will be able to track your stats and your sales. You can promote your affiliate links every time you mention that product or service on your social media or blog.

What are the BEST AFFILIATE NETWORKS AND PROGRAMS you should join?

  • Bright Data:

They offer a wide range of products and services. Companies can get access to accurate data from millions of websites. The best part it's free!

Share your unique affiliate link on your social media or blog. You earn 50% revenue share, up to $1K per customer without any time limit when a user pays for the service using your link.

  • 3D Cart:

This is the #1 e-commerce service for selling products online. You create an online store to sell products online and this website offers monthly subscription plans from $19.99 to $129.99

A very similar program in Shopify where you also will create an e-commerce website. It powers over 800,000 merchants in 175 countries and made over $100 billion in sales.

  • Blue Host:

This is the largest website hosting provider and powers millions of websites. They offer different hosting plans and for each referral, you get $65.

Plus, the more you refer, the higher the payout will be. The blue host has become almost every blogger's favorite affiliate program. Not only because they pay high commissions, but they are one of the best hosting providers on the market today.

Another website provider is WP Engine, Site ground and Host gator, and while their hosting packages are not cheap, and start at $31/month if you refer a customer and make a purchase they pay a generous $200 per sign-up.

  • Wealthy Affiliate:

This is an online learning platform that prepares you for every aspect of internet marketing and online entrepreneurship. When you start referring others to the community you will earn an average of 121$ for each sign-up.

  • Teachable:

This is an all-in-one platform allowing creators to build and sell online courses. Their commission structure is also pretty good, earning you a commission for the lifetime of the account.

Another similar program is Podia some content creators have express that is the best online course creation platform on the market today, it's super easy to use and among create online courses, you can sell digital products such as digital downloads, memberships, and webinars.

This is an email marketing tool that is specially designed for bloggers, it allows us to create a very powerful email campaign in the easiest way possible and let us running them in automation mode. You can sign up for their affiliate program and earn a lifelong 30% commission based on the price of the subscription that your referral signs up to. Another related program is Constant Contact which also allows you to easily manage your email lists, contacts, customizable email templates, the marketing calendar, performance of your email campaigns, and more.

  • Ultimate Bundles:

It's a collection of eBooks, e-Courses, templates, workbooks, planners, and other digital products that are sold as a bundle for a steep discount of 90-97% of.

If you affiliate to this program, not only you can earn a massive 40% commission on each sale, you can get free marketing training, ready-to-send emails, social media posts and webinars to help you get the most from the sales.

Another very similar platform is Sendowl a platform that also helps you sell digital products or services, and you will be able to receive your money into your PayPal or bank account.

  • Flex offers and share sales:

These programs offer a wide variety of products to promote such as clothing, web hosting, WordPress theme, food and much more.

These are important because most of the individual affiliate programs choose one of these two companies to host their affiliate products. You can also earn more money with the refer a friend program. You can earn 50% revenue from the income of those you refer!!!

  • Awin:

It's a program that allows you to connect with companies like Etsy, Lonely Planet, Fiverr, Superdry, Swagbucks, and With the pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale programs. To get started with Awin, you will need to pay a sign-up fee of $5.

Another platforms like this one is Skim Links (75% of the sale) and CJ Affiliate but these are both free.

  • Amazon Associates:

It's free to join and you can earn up to 10% commission of the sale amount. Although is quite low, you can get paid for items that you didn't even advertise. For example, when someone clicks on your affiliate link and decides not to buy, but ends up buying something else, you can still get a commission for the total orders placed within 24 hours.

  • Click Bank:

This is another popular affiliate network that offers a great commission structure.

You can earn up to 75% commission on qualifying purchases. You can choose your payment threshold from $10 to $1,000,000.

  • Travel Payouts:

It's an affiliate network but especially for travel bloggers, travel agencies, and travel-related sites. You can earn income by recommending flights, hotels, insurance, car rentals, tours, and general activities.

This is a digital writing tool that detects punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. It's a very useful tool for all content creators and bloggers to double-check their work before publishing.

Almost anyone can join as an affiliate and the most amazing thing about their program is that they'll even pay you when someone signs up for their free account.

  • Viglik:

This is slightly different than most affiliate programs, Viglink has connections with thousands of brands and will automatically add affiliate links to your posts if you mention a product or brand that Viglink has a connection with.

This eliminates the need to join multiple affiliate programs and also makes affiliate marketing easy, in my opinion, this is a great starting affiliate program for beginners.

  • Builderall:

This affiliate program is open to anyone and the commissions are significantly higher than most other programs. Builderall is web software that truly has it all.

You can build an App, create webinars, courses, send unlimited marketing emails and create sales funnels, this is a great product for bloggers, small business owners, and anyone that has a website or online presence.

  • Rakuten Marketing:

#1 affiliate marketing network. The network has been successfully providing the latest technology, training, and strategy for all affiliate marketers. It displays thousands of best affiliate programs to join for free. Some of the popular programs are Sephora, Walmart, Udemy, etc.

  • Reward style:

This program focuses primarily on fashion, lifestyle, and beauty bloggers. They also own the a program on Instagram that makes shopping outfits and home photos simple.

Reward Style allows bloggers to earn commissions on products they recommend by using affiliate links. This platform is known as the middleman between bloggers and retailers.

Another program very similar is Shop Style Collective it allows you access to a ton of stores. You will earn 70% of a sale while they take the remaining 30%. You can search for products or stores and they will show an estimated commission amount that you will earn with each sale.

All of the programs that I mentioned above have their unique pros and cons but you're the only one that can choose which program(s) will work best for you, your content and your earning goals.

By this time, you must be wondering, how many affiliate programs/affiliate networks should you join?

The truth is there isn't a perfect number. My advice is that you join as many affiliate programs as you can within your niche. That is the only way to know which of those programs resounds better to your audience.

Have you applied to any of these programs yet?

I hope this guide was helpful to you! and I encourage you to join a few of them, it will change your blogging journey

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