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Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Just this month I generated my biggest affiliate sale ever.

I got $10 from someone paying over $120 on something I recommended. That is actually more that I make selling by presets or even my planner

And it may not look like a ton of money, BUT, it does not get better than generating money from someone else shopping. Even more if it is from shopping something you actually like and recommend.

This is just the start, the more people notice my blog and my blog posts, the more people click on the things I recommend and the more possibility I have of generating money from an affiliate sale.

So today, I want to show you the basics of Affiliate Marketing and help you to generate more sales this year. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

PD. The blog posts contain affiliate links. These don’t cost you anything extra, but they allow us to continue running this site and providing free content for our readers. Full disclosure here.


I am sure you have clicked in one of these in the past, it is used for everyone on social media and blogging.

But before I started my blog, I had no idea how many pages had their own affiliate marketing and now that I’m on the inside, I see it being used all the time. After reading this you will see how many times other people that have profited from me buying something they recommended without knowing

Affiliate Marketing is used for companies, to increase their changes of getting promoted.

Brands usually use ads and paid collaborations with influencers but they also use Affiliate Marketing, where they will give influencers a custom link to share their product or service in exchange of a percentage of the sell back.

Then whenever someone then clicks on that custom link and signs up for something or buys something, the person that recommended the company will receive a small commission!


On social media and even in real life, we are always talking about products and tools we use day to day, BUT, wouldn’t it be awesome to get paid for talking about the companies that you are going to talk about anyway?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get paid for doing what you are already going to do. And it’s an easy step into the passive income world.


When creating a blog post you will include the link. And you do it for each of your posts and each of the items and pages you will usually recommend and talk about.

Of course, the more traffic you get to the post the better your chances are for generating affiliate sales. If you really want to start making affiliate sales, then you need more than 1 page on your blog that has the affiliate link.

- One of the best ideas for blog posts using Affiliate Marketing is making one of the tools or objects the main idea for the blog posts

ex: How to use Tailwind or My Favorite Camera on 2020

- Another idea is to send emails to your subscribers about it

Your email subscribers already believe in you so when you send them an email recommending something, they are more likely to sign up for it compared to a first-time website visitor.

If there is a sale going on, share it! If there is a company you usually shop from and they are having a sale, share it on your social media and people will get a discount while you get your % of the sale.


Start by writing a list of the products and tools you would be talking about and then follow the next steps.

1. Apply directly to the company

Many companies have their own affiliate marketing or they work with 'CJ Affiliate Marketing' which is an affiliate network. Simply Google the name of the company and “affiliate program”

If they have a program, then it should appear. And if they don’t, then you might find some other websites that talk about what’s going on.

But from there, just apply. You will most likely need to share your blog and maybe even your follower count to get started.

2. Work with an affiliate network

Affiliate networks are great because they give you access to companies that already have affiliate programs. And all of your links, stats, and resources are all in one place and for that

I like to use Reward Style

I joined it mostly to use it for Stories on Instagram, which means I already had over 10k on there. But as I usderstand you don't need a lot of followers to get in, you only need someone to invite you.

If you leave a comment with your email I will invite you to RewardStyle. Reward Style is where I actually joined my first affiliate program and where I made my first affiliate sale. It is super easy to create custom links and gadgets of more than one item like this one.

Another Famous one is ShareASale, I just signed up on this one, so I might be making another blog post on it.

As I have researched they include hundreds of companies and they break them down by category. So finding possible programs is supposed to be super easy.

Some programs may ask your for a specific amount of views monthly or a specific number of followers so make sure you make yourself look as amazing as possible when applying so you get accepted.


Whenever you get paid to promote something, you legally have to share that you are doing it.

Keep on every page of your blog that contains an affiliate link have a disclaimer. It is the same with every email you send with an affiliate link, you need to let your subscribers know.

On the page that you are including your affiliate link, you need to include a disclaimer before any link is included. And you should have a Terms and Conditions page that goes over more information about your affiliate links.

This will cover you legally so no one can say that they bought something from you and didn’t realize that you would be paid if they purchased it.


It takes a while to make money with affiliate marketing. Your first pay out can be MONTHS after you post your first affiliate link.

Most affiliate networks and programs have a minimum payout. So you have to reach a certain amount for the money to be released into your bank account. It can vary from $50 to $100.

Keep in mind that you never know when your affiliate sales are going to take off. And money could start to consistently start trickling in any time. Continue to include your affiliate links.

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