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6 Valentine’s Day FREE Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is such at hectic day to go out to eat that we have decided to do it the day before or after this year. Here I bring you 5 ideas for a free date!

Take this as a sign if you are planning on going out this February 14, go make that reservation RIGHT NOW. Because I am sure it will be packed as it always is.

Movie Night at Home - Movies for Valentine's coming in the next post. We usually watch TV Shows since we spend less time picking what to watch next, which usually takes longer that the actual movie

Get Amazon Prime movies for FREE for a 30 days trial -

Here is the list of movies you can watch from home or going to the cinema this year -




Marry Me

Jackass Forever


At home

6 Underground


Through My Window

Book of Love

Tall Girl 2

I Want You Back

The Sky is Everywhere

TV Shows

Emily in Paris

The Witcher

Lost in Space

Money Heist


Walk on the Beach + Picnic - this is a great idea to be out and enjoy the outdoor but without much workout in, here in the west coast, I love going to the beach to watch the sunset

Go for a Hike - for my healthy people, a hike can be the best way to spend Valentine’s, here in the west coast you can even watch the sunset from the top of the hike, so give it a try

Cook Dinner Together - It does not have to be something too complicated, just cook some cookies for the dessert and it will make it much more elevated

Try out Hello Fresh, and get your ingredients delivered to your house

Attend a FREE Festival or Local Event - there are so many things happening on Valentine’s that you might not even know, make sure to google your city + valentines and I’m sure and event will pop up

What are you doing this Valentine's Day? Tell me in the comments,

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