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2 days in Lake Tahoe

Before our big road trip to Santa Cruz, Paicines and Joshua Tree, we started our journey north to Lake Tahoe! We had been dying to visit Lake Tahoe for a very long time and after living in California for about 3 months now, we decided it was time to go. We had a couple friends coming from Florida, so we hop in the car a drove up north.

We spent our days hiking, going on lakeside strolls, visiting different overlooks, and driving around the entire lake. Believe me you will see back there next year if not sooner. I will be sharing my favorite spots from these two days in Lake Tahoe, and I'll also add places I 'm planning on stopping on our next visit because 2 days we not enough for us.

NOTE, Please search for all the interesting points before arriving and download the map because there are a ton of parts in the lake that do not have signal


We left Los Angeles early morning and spend the morning and early afternoon in the car on our way there. When we go there we drove directly to Secret Cove Beach. We spend the afternoon in the North Lake Tahoe area, enjoying an amazing sunrise and a fun hike!

Our first stop was Secret Cove Beach, we parked on the side of the road because the parking of the beach was already packed, and then started to hike all the way down to the beach. The hike is in total 2.6 mi but I believe we did not go all the way around.

The beach is not as big as other we saw but it was not packed at that time of the day, also keep in mind Secret Cove Beach is a nudist beach.

After we were done he hike back up to the car and stoped at the top of the East Shore Trail! This trail was a big feat for the East Shore, as it now gives people access to beaches and areas of the shore that were inaccessible before.

We watched the sunset there, and took some shoots with the iron of the sunset. We stayed in Reno and in our way there when it was almost night we saw a stop for watching the sunset, or what was left of it at stopped to shoot other couple photos

The parking in both places where we parked were free, so please make sure to check around before leaving your car because we saw more than a couple rangers during our trip.


As I said we stayed in Reno which is 1 hour away from North Lake Tahoe, in the side of Nevada. We decided to stay there because we found an airbnb for 4 people on $120 per night, which we could not find more close to Lake Tahoe due to how late e planed the trip. But here are a couple Airbnb's I would love to stay at in my next visit


Cabin in the Woods - 2 guests·1 bedroom·1 bed·1 shared bath

The Sierra House - 4 guests·2 bedrooms·3 beds·1 bath

109: Big Tree House - 2 guests·1 bedroom·1 bed·1 bath

1BR in Funky Cabin Walk to Lake and Casinos - 2 guests·1 bedroom·1 bed·1 shared bath

Tahoe Beach and Ski Club - 4 guests·1 bedroom·2 beds·2 baths

We woke up super early to get to Sand Harbor Beach, but they only allow an specific amount of people in, and usually they are already in line when the park is open. Also you can't park and go in walking because they do not allow people unless they have parked inside.

So we decided to go explore South Lake Tahoe, and we got in Zephyr Cove Beach.

The park entrance/parking is $25 dollars and you can stay the whole day. Inside the have little tables and grills for picnics and bbq. They also have a store where they sell food.

We rented the kayaks in the beach and it was $40 per hour, but they were 2 people kayaks. We spent there the whole morning and part of our afternoon there and just left to have late lunch and go watch the sunset.

To end up the day we went to Emerald Bay State Park! It has a decent sized lot, and then walked up the rocks to watch the sunrise over the lake. It was super colorful and magical!

From there you can see the only island that the lake has, which is that little one you see in the background.

Note: It costs $10 to park at Emerald Bay State park and dogs are not allowed.

And then when the sunset sets we went back to the Airbnb finishing the whole way around the lake.

And this is the video we got of the trip, so go watch the blog to see all the places we went to. If you want more information about planning your trip to Lake Tahoe check this video

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